Selalau Menjadi Sumber Inspirasi Bagi Orang Lain

my “peterpan”

pada Maret 18, 2012

Definite pop rock band and alternative rock that was familiar to us, especially the citizens of Indonesia. Initially, I was not interested in the band is made by Ariel Cs. Initially, I thought that this band is nothing more than a village band famous ride through the debut single and then disappeared like a swallowed by the earth.
I know the origin of this band is inseparable from the rise of news here and there about the four-member band that was precisely in 2004. My brother plays a tape of the first “PETERPAN” disebuah tape that was his room. Seemed carried away by the rhythm of the song is very nice and fit for the ears, then I also gained the courage to go in and try to identify the singer. The first song I heard was the song “Stairway To Heaven” or “Bintang Di Surga”. The lyrics are quite simple and very easy to penetrate and make me fall asleep with the guitar music of Loekman, combined with the beating drums of Reza, and reinforced by the vocalist vocals are very strong and tasteless.

to be continued ………..

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