Selalau Menjadi Sumber Inspirasi Bagi Orang Lain

volume 1

pada Maret 18, 2012

The first thing that comes to mind is someone who has always inspired my life. Pupa, she was a girl who can give another color in this gray life. Like a virus that no antidote, she arrived with a new glimmer of hope after just buried in the hope that is full of uncertainty to someone.
Initially, I was not sure if he is a great place to fill in the blank there. Living in hope was very unpleasant. yah … that’s me. many things that I hide things about him to the people I know. But it does not apply to one of my colleagues who are also colleagues Pupa, she is Ani. Ani, very understanding about me and always give advice to me. First, she was very close to the Pupa because she is a school friend.

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